Don’t do it boy. Breathe. You know the rules. 

Mr. S Leather Booth at Folsom 2014 was the place to be!

From the moment they get out of the slave transporter the training of ponies begins.  With their hands cuffed behind them they can easily be led by the rein into the first stage of processing:  they will need stripping naked and their pubes and pit hair neatly trimmed and cropped.  If they have still got their foreskins, these will need to be sliced off as all ponies work naked and owners do not want their animals concealing any part of themselves. And finally the will be branded:  the traditional large “S” on the left flank.
All of this is done withing the first hour of their arrival.  The screaming, sobbing slaves will then be caged to allow them to recover, so that the harsh physical training to build up their cardiovascular systems, lung capacity, and butt and thigh muscles, can begin at dawn the next day.